Collection of Posts

by: Yap Chuan Fu

Deep Learning Notes

Summary notes of Course 1-3 DeepLearning.ai - 10 min read
Oct 08, 2023

Deep Learning notes Summary notes from deeplearning.ai’s Deep Learning Specialization Course 1-3. The maths such as function’s equation and derivatives is no...

Linear Regression Crash Course

Theory dive with application in Python - 35 min read
Dec 11, 2022

tldr; This will be a crash course on Linear Regression for statistical analysis with code implementation in Python. It will have minimal explanation on the m...

Bayes Classifier for Hackers

PyMC3 Crash Course - 10 min read
Apr 30, 2021

tldr; this post will cover usage of PyMC3 (python package) for building a (generative) model and classifying data in supervised manner.